"It isn't everyday that you hear music that lifts your spirits and makes you want to sing, 

or fly,or at the very least, crack a big smile" - ( Brisbane Bulletin )


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Tetley Tea Commercial

featuring a song composed and sung by Felicity Burdett

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Felicity Burdett

    As a one girl band, Felicity Burdett , has captured music lovers hearts all around Australia since the turn of the century.With her beautiful songs, she has stood out at major festivals, such as Splendor In the Grass, East Coast Blues & Roots & The Woodford Folk festival. She has also gathered extensive fans whilst touring Brazil, Europe and New Zealand.

If you are looking for courage,inspiration or just a chance to see raw talent ast it's best, then look no further. Felicity Burdett naturally sweeps people away to happy ukelele land,with cleverly crafted melodies and positive,healing messages. She sings so sweet, she'll charm you with her smile and she'll leave you feeling like you have been a part of something special.On stage, she embraces folk guitar with ease, and much to the delight of the crowds, she loves to accompany it with her harmonica and do the Bob Dylan thing.

Felicity Burdett has been composing and playing music since the age of eight.Her singing style has been likened to Missy Higgins,Sarah Blasko,Casey Chambers and Norah Jones.

Her music has been used in a nationwide television campaign produced by Phil Ceberano ( Tetley Green Tea,' Free your mind' ), short documentary films, soundtracks for surfing movies (All summer Long) and an American longboarder movie and also in an Aussie Home Loans promotional cd mailout. Felicity's first album ( Going with the Flow ) was an overnight success, being named 'Album Of The Year' with the North Coast Entertainment Industry Association. Subsequent releases include her latest album (Make our Life Count), also available on itunes and spotify.

Felicity Burdett has been embracing hope within her songwriting by intricately weaving her heart felt lyrics and melodies into beautiful creations. She is showing great courage in her determination to spread the message of love and hope, peace and understanding.

Felicity Burdett press quotes;

"We find surmountable strength in our most weakest of moments and we find magical hope in the most trying times of faith"

"It brings peace to me when I listen to it. It is soft, positive, sweet, and the messages from each word is what the world needs. It's all good and helps you move forward.. A FAN

 "If my path can change just one person's outlook to life and help them to realise, to follow their dreams and to appreciate every moment of life," say's Felicity,"Then I'm doing what I'm mean't to be doing."